How do I claim for theft of my guitar

Submitted by Admin on Mon, 03/14/2011 - 14:55

If your guitar has been stolen you must act quickly. It is important that you inform the police as soon as you know that your guitar is missing. Even if you think that there is little of no chance of the police recovering your guitar you must report the theft to the police at the earliest opportunity - failure to do so could affect your insurance claim. The Police will give you a crime reference number, which you will need to quote when you make your claim - this is important, even if the Police did not attend the scene of the crime.

You will need to complete an insurance claim form. Claim forms can often be downloaded from your guitar insurer's website, although some insurers prefer you to telephone them first. Again, the sooner the better - you should always report the theft (and your intention to claim) as soon as practicable after you have discovered the theft of your guitar or other musical equipment.

Claim forms vary somewhat between insurers, but typically contain requests for:

  • Purchase receipt for equipment or other evidence of purchase
  • Details of previous insurers and previous claims/ incidents
  • Details of household or car insurers
  • Details of the incident, Police Crime Report and any witnesses
  • Proof of your ID (e.g. passport, driving licence, utility bill, bank statement

Try to provide all information requested and if for any reason you cannot provide anything explain in as much detail as possible why this is. The more complete the information is that yoiu provide to your insurer, the easier it will be for the insurance agent to complete your claim quickly and without prolonged correspondence.